Dare One: Love Hard



DARE: Do something kind you would not ordinarily do for someone you wouldn’t ordinarily help.

“Love one another as I have loved you.”

John 13:34

Spouses, children, best of friends . . .

This kind of love comes so easily.

This kind of love is special but it does not make us any more special than anyone else. The most exceptional kind of love . . . Is the kind that loves the exception.

Jesus loved his friends and family too but He also went out of His way to be kind to others.When He healed on the Sabbath and took the backlash for it, when He became the distraction between the stones and Mary Magdalene, when He took the cup the Father had given Him upon Himself . . .

That kind of love was HARD. But to Jesus it came so easily.

Today let’s strive to love HARD. We were once the exception too . . . now we must love exceptionally.


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